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Single Point Of Contact

A single point of reference for any necessity. If you are not sure who to ask contact Skynet Technology.

Always On

The assurance of always finding the service available, whenever your business requires it, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


We Speak Your Language

We currently support our clients in 7 languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Russian.


For Your Business

We know your processes and your organization. During the years we specialized in the world of Retail and specifically in the context of Fashion.

The Structures

Sky-Machine – The Skynet engine

Processes and organization

When the work volumes increase, even the most experienced consultants, without an optimized organization and processes, can not guarantee adequate service levels.

Methods and tools

We consider essential using modern methods and tools. Thanks to our model and tools we can automatize, control, measure and improve our processes and those of our clients:

  • Our model was created to face a very specific need: to guarantee the highest operative continuity to non-technical users, dedicated to selling luxury items to very demanding clients. Thanks to our model we can guarantee Premium service levels to respond to this specific demand. Fortunately, we realized that this same model, exported to other more traditional contexts, continues to guarantee important advantages.
  • Tools must be flexible, simple to use and maintain, complete but not complex, not too expensive, up to date, open and integrated: these are the reasons for which, after a careful analysis on what the market had to offer, Skynet has chosen to build them internally. After years of work, we can affirm that this choice was proven to be the right one. The Call managment, the Ticket Managment, the Assett Management represent an essential aid for everybody working at Skynet (and thanks to them, problems related to human error are minimized).

Our offer

We believe that focus and specialization are key words to guarantee a high service quality, as well as health and prosperity for our company.

Skynet Technology focuses solely on providing support services. We believe in the continuous organization and optimization of every process.

Now a reference point for the fashion retail world, Skynet Technology has been involved in several successful cases, also concerning development projects for main companies dealing in other industry sectors.

You can see here below the main elements of our offer:

The Numbers


Tickets solved autonomously

Tickets solved autonomously


Calls answered within 20 sec.

Calls answered within 20 sec.


Calls answered by technicians

Calls answered by technicians


Staging – Items configured and shipped (within the same day)

Staging – Items configured and shipped (within the same day)


Monitoring – Alerts managed within 15 minutes

Monitoring – Alerts managed within 15 minutes


On-site interventions – NBD

On-site interventions – NBD


Contact us

Sales department

Would you like to get to know us better, or to learn how we can support you? Our agents are here for you.

Technical and administration department

For all your technical needs, or an administrative reference.

Our Story – About us


Skynet Technology specializes in support services for Retail companies in the Fashion & Luxury world with stores, warehouses and branch offices at an international level.

Skynet was born in 2003 from the founders’ experience, gathered in a reference company of the Fashion world.
This specific competence has been made immediately available to the most important firms of this sector, allowing Skynet Technology to quickly become a point of reference.

Today, the most important groups of the luxury world, both national and international, are our clients.

The market recognizes Skynet’s capability of providing Premium service levels in complex and articulated contexts.

This is possible due to the extensive knowledge and focus on this sector of industry.

A skilled team, proprietary tools such as Call management; Ticket Management; Asset managment, all integrated, allow to provide services and specific solutions measured in KPI and SLA.

Skynet offers a main office in Montevarchi, a Staging laboratory, a monitoring room, a logistics stockroom, international partnerships, 5 languages and extended office hours H24/365.

Strong points:

  • All departments, including the Service Desk (Skynet’s central structure) are located in Italy.
  • Focus on personnel selection. All our employees are specialized technicians, not call center operators. In order to guarantee high quality levels, we implement every action necessary to minimize the turnover of our personnel.
  • The offices, infrastructures and tools are designed to guarantee the highest operative continuity through redundant configurations (systems, connectivity, etc.) and generators in case of blackouts. (Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity)
  • The service windows we can provide (24 hours, 7×7, 365 days) are covered with on-site personnel instead of on-call.

Who we are

Massimiliano Molese – Board member and President

His first experiences took place in the second bank group of France, where he achieved in time important international responsabilities, until he became CEO of a subsidiary. Later, he has worked in Italy developing new IT and digital innovation activities. As manager and entrepreneur, he supports the new development plan of the company.

Gianluca Bellantuono – Charter member and Vice President

Skynet Technology’s charter member and Vice President, he matured an extensive experience in the IT environment, as consultant at first, and later as employee in a large industrial group. Thanks to his experience acquired on the job, an innate communicative attitude and a strong enthusiasm, he has driven the company’s growth right from the start.

Riccardo Badii – Charter member and CEO

Skynet Technology’s charter member and CEO, studied as Engineer, has started his professional career as IT consultant for medium and large companies. An expert in management, he built the core of the company. Today, in addition to being its CEO, he deals with all the financial aspects and the development of the company’s tools.

Alessio Renzetti – Technical Manager

Technical Manager, a practical and reliable professional, he coordinates every activity of one of Skynet’s Excellency centers.

Paolo Failli – Sales Director

University studies in statistics, several experiences in the field of IT during his studies, his first work assignment was in one of the most important firms of the Fashion-Retail business. His passion for new technologies lead him to important experiences in System Integrator companies at an international level, at first with technical assignments and after with sales responsibilities.

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