After Russian, Skynet Technology adopts German, the seventh language supported directly from Montevarchi

Only a few months after Russian, German has become the seventh language in Skynet Technology’s portfolio. Now clients are supported in German by IT desktop and retail professionals from the corporate headquarters in Montevarchi.

All of our clients’ shops and offices located in Germany, in addition to the support received by our local technological partners, can now receive full service desk support in German from our Montevarchi headquarters.

Why German?

It is a strategic language in Europe. Germany is a vital market, solid, rich, full of opportunities. Since our foundation, our long-term plan has been the gradual expansion of the languages ​​managed centrally, along with the consolidation of the services provided by local partners. Having German in our language portfolio means that we can meet the requests of any client with strong interests in the European market.

What kind of Skynet Technology clients (and clients in general) are interested in German?

So far our clients with stores or any kind of business in Germany have received assistance in English. Now that we offer our service desk service in German, this means an immediate benefit to them, because they can choose whether to continue to be supported in English or if they wan to opt for support in the local language. As for new clients, we have closed a major contract, which makes us very proud, for a large food & beverage company that has its heart in its German plants. The fact that we could provide a German support service from Italy was a winning element. If the service is successful, and we are sure of that, we will be able to hunt for more clients of this kind, typically with manufacturing facilities or a large number of stores in Germany.

How important is Germany for Skynet Technology?

Germany stands well within our business strategy also for another reason: it is the country where the largest retail players in Europe reside, from the Schwarz Group (Lidl) to Aldi or Metro. We can pair our expertise in this industry with the German language and play these valuable cards to search for new business opportunities.