Skynet Technology speaks one more language: Russian-speaking stores are supported directly from Montevarchi

Everything goes according to plan. Funded in 2003 with a clear goadl in mind, becoming the most valuable IT service integrator for retail companies in Italy, today we add another important tile to the mosaic: full IT support in Russian, not only through the actions of local partners in the countries that speak that language but also (and especially) through the activities of personnel in our Montevarchi headquarters, where Service Desk is provided, the soul and the brain of our company.

What is Skynet Technology’s long-term plan?
Since our founding, we aim to the gradual expansion of our centrally managed languages ​​for Service Desk and to the consolidation of our partnership with local IT companies in various countries in the world for staging services, logistics and onsite supervision, where local partners are critical to ensure timeliness of interventions and to meet customs constraints.

What it means to put a new language in Skynet Technology?
When we add a language to our service portfolio, it means we are going to offer the best possible service in that language and that we are already certain to have the conditions to ensure a top level service. So we need to have an ironclad organization and to select professionals carefully. They are often native speakers and always experts in the IT fields covered by the service. We also distance the addition of new languages ​​in time, so that  the service in the last added language is fully operational.

How are the languages (and the countries for local partnership) chosen?
Our clients live growth dynamics and face the coverage of new markets together with all players in the same industry: if a country begins to express an important potential, it becomes interesting for all of our major clients and, as a consequence, for us. Often, these dynamics are sudden, but we always try to be prepared in advance, planning in time our next moves that, for us, are mainly organizational.

So it’s just a matter of economic potential?
Not only that. Our choice has been to focus on the languages spoken ​​in economically promising countries and where our clients’ stores are more numerous, but also where English is not well known and where there are serious import constraints, in short: complex countries in which a service integrator of the highest level is essential for global retailers, who can not afford to be slowed down by linguistic or administrative problems. Today is the turn of Russian that corresponds to this identikit entirely.

In Europe alone over 20 different languages are spoken. How do you plan to cover the need for service integration since retail players are now found all over the continent, not to mention the rest of the planet?
In an ideal world it would be useful to implement all spoken languages​, but this is impossible as well as uneconomical, if we want to keep the quality and level of service unchanged. Our choice has been to focus on only a few languages ​​but at our best: providing services in Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and now also in Russian, languages ​​that correspond to 25% of the languages ​​spoken in Europe, today we cover more than 98% of our clints’ stores in their local language (or in English where this language can be considered as the official language).