Our offer

Support services

Our offer

We believe that focus and specialization are key words to guarantee a high service quality, as well as health and prosperity for our company.
Skynet Technology focuses solely on providing support services. We believe in the continuous organization and optimization of every process.
Now a reference point for the fashion retail world, Skynet Technology has been involved in several successful cases, also concerning development projects for main companies dealing in other industry sectors.
Retail Support

Skynet acts as a SPOC (Single Point of Contact), a point of reference to guarantee an efficient and quick response for every problem that that sales assistants or store managers can have every day. We aim to guarantee the best operative continuity to their important function, and to ensure the data flow with the headquarters. All this is achieved through our extensive knowledge of the Fashion / Retail world and the use of tools capable of guiding our technicians in the provision of the services, by automating the check on the service levels.

This service model has been designed in order to be able to support a type of user different that the common office user. Moreover, the target users are not concentrated in a single building, but are instead spread on an international territory. The classic approach, based on on-site resident technicians is therefore not adequate. For this reason, the service is based on a central structure (Service Desk) that holds the whole intelligence and knowledge and can guide the generic technicians from remote, in case they need assistance.

User support

The same model, optimized throughout the years, has been exported to support headquarters users.

We discovered that also in this context we are able to guarantee important advantages: to be able to solve a high percentage of problems from remote, minimizing the waiting time of users. The result is therefore an optimized service in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.


We are able to monitor the devices and systems of our clients 24 hours a day with specialized technical personnel, working in our control room also at night (as opposed as being on-call).

Special Projects

Our specialized team is available to support special projects such as roll-outs; new store openings; training from remote and on-site; projects concerning mobile devices.