The Structures

Service Desk

The service desk is Skynet’s central structure, representing the single point of contact (SPOC) for every user and also owns the basic knowledgebase to coordinate the activities of the other structures and third parties.

People working in this area are all specialized technicians with process-specific skills. The main objective of this area is to receive all support requests, and solve the problem at first contact and as fast as possible.

In order to assure the excellence levels that we are able to reach, we focus on personnel profile and innovation. We designed solutions aimed at guaranteeing our commitment to our clients. For example, we patented a tool capable of managing critical SLAs with sound and visual alerts.

Thanks to our service model and a concrete approach to continuous improvement, our service levels keep growing with time. The service efficiency grows thanks to an ever-deeper mutual knowledge and a higher level of trust and empowerment. The result is that Skynet’s SPOC unites in a single structure that is usually managed by three different actors. For this reason, we define our service desk as “first level and half”.

Staging Lab

Skynet offers two structures: the main Staging laboratory through which we support all the needs within the European Union and an external office located at the premises of one of our important partners base in UAE (which allows us to guarantee, also for that geographical area, the same service levels without risking delays due to customs). Regardless of where the equipment is bought from, it is delivered to our warehouse, (which often represents a fiscal domicile for our clients). Every item is usually registered in our asset management systems, prepared, configured, validated and, depending on the case, can be stocked and made available for any support request, or delivered to the final user.

This structure allows us to respond to the needs of a “mobile” world, thanks to our “Hot spare mobile” system that guarantees operative continuity, regardless of the location or the device employed.

The laboratory works in perfect coordination with the service desk and the other technical / functional structures of the client or any third parties involved with the projects.

Computer Password


Expert systems analysts work on monitoring consoles H24, 365 days a year. With our proprietary tools or those made available by our clients, we provide monitoring services on systems, applications and specific retail contexts.

On-site Team

One of Skynet’s main missions is to reduce the frequency of on-site interventions. Sometimes, though, it may be necessary to operate directly at the client’s premises (new openings; technological roll-outs; etc.)

Skynet supports each demand with different approaches: for general interventions or other activities that can be handled by common technicians, eventually guided at a centralized level by those who own the specific necessary skills (Service Desk Skynet) we use a network of partners that allows us to cover the whole of Europe and UAE; while for special requests we have put together a team of Retail experts capable of managing specific situations.